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IMBES and Blackwell Publishing are pleased to bring you our Mind, Brain and Education, which provides a forum for accessible presentation of basic and applied research on learning and development, including analyses from biology, cognitive science, and education. Mind, Brain, and Education publishes peer-reviewed articles concerned with biological and behavioral issues relevant to the broad field of education and is edited by a board of internationally recognized scholars and practitioners from the variety of disciplines represented in the field of mind, brain and education. Visit Blackwell-Synergy to read articles by high-profile authors about important topics relating education to biology and cognitive science. Check back in the near future for more details on the journal Mind, Brain and Education.

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Mind, Brain and Education has been named the best new journal of 2007! The Association of American Publishers (Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division) named MBE the 2007 Best New Journal in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The panel of expert judges made up of librarians, academics, and working publishers noted that MBE stands out for its synthesis of diverse disciplines—education, biology, and cognitive science—in the investigation of human learning and development. The judges also felt that Mind, Brain and Education deserved the award for the high quality of its physical design and production. As IMBES founding member Kurt Fischer notes, MBE catalyzes professional relationships that are essential to debunking questionable brain-based claims and improving research-based practice in education. This kind of research allows policy makers and practitioners to base their decisions about educational practices and institutions on empirical evidence rather than opinions, fashions, and ideologies.

On April 2nd, 2007, Wiley-Blackwell celebrated the premiere issue of Mind, Brain and Education with a reception at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During the celebration Kurt Fischer (Harvard University), Howard Gardner (Harvard University), Maryanne Wolf (Tufts University), and Stanislas Dehaene (Collège de France) discussed their recent findings regarding how brain science informs educational practice.

Two of the speakers also contributed to the first issue of Mind, Brain and Education. You can access these articles for free online:

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