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IMBES Trainee Award Recipients

With the generous support of the JACOBS FOUNDATION, the 2018 IMBES Trainee Board designed an award to recognize early career scholars who have made significant, original research contributions to the field of Mind, Brain and Education. The 2018 IMBES Trainee Board honored the following exceptional junior MBE members at the IMBES 2018 Preconference:

Exceptional Trainee Policy and Practice Award, International Travel Support

2018 Recipients

Noa Albelda, PhD.

Jeanne Parmentier

Exceptional Trainee Research Award

2018 Recipients

John Binzak

Gabriela Meade

Exceptional Trainee Research Award, International Travel Support

2018 Recipients

Annie Brookman-Byrne, PhD.

Fuyu Kwok, PhD.

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