A Brain First Life - E. Marie Kaye

September 17, 2018 5:00 PM | Web Master (Administrator)

At the age of 70, E. Marie Kaye has just become the oldest person to ever compete in the USA Memory Championship and earn the title of mental athlete! All this while competing against people who were 30, 40, and even 50 years younger than she. As a result, she was invited to speak at MIT McGovern Institute for the Brain where she shared her story.

E.M. Kaye undertook this personal challenge to demonstrate that aging is not a barrier to plasticity, learning, or cognitive achievement. And that while there may be no cure for Alzheimer’s, she believes that we can be proactive in reducing risk factors and optimizing positive factors to protect the brain from premature aging and Alzheimer’s.

She kept a journal of her ‘brain training’ and it is now available as a small book called, A Brain First Life. She also started the Brain First Project which is dedicated to the prevention of Alzheimer’s. She credits Professor Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, who taught her Harvard post graduate class titled Mind, Brain, Health, and Education science (MBHE), as her inspiration.

E.M. Kaye started a website to share her story with others. It can be found at www.BrainFirstProject.com.

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