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Research Schools and Evidence-Based Communities

IMBES supports the development of collaborative relationships between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. Research Schools and Research School Networks provide an excellent infrastructure for building these collaborations in a variety of contexts. These working groups seek to create mutually supportive environments where educational goals can be achieved at the community as well as school level and deal with the unique political demands of that setting. The vision of these evidence-based communities is to enrich students’ and teachers’ lives through projects that provide research evidence about how educational methods, tools, and processes work in diverse educational settings.

MBE Program Network-Jobs

Graduate programs in MBE are a growth point for strengthening the training and professional development of teacher practitioners, researchers and science-aware policy makers. IMBES will facilitate the formation and functioning of MBE graduate programs by providing a forum for the exchange of information on matters such as faculty, staffing, courses, funding, internships, job placement, and fellowship opportunities. As the number of such programs increases, IMBES will also sponsor annual workshops at which leaders in MBE programs can meet to engage in live discussion to strengthen their programs and the ties among them. 

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